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AgencyMaxx – The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Turn-Key Marketing System for Property Casualty Agencies.

We execute where others fall short ...

Most property casualty agencies want help with marketing, especially when it involves cross-marketing financial services.  In today’s highly competitive environment, these agencies understand the importance of offering products and services beyond the scope of just personal and commercial lines.  Very few of these agencies, however, have an organized approach to securing leads, identifying opportunities, organizing communications, and tracking prospects.

Even if they have the best of intentions, they quickly realize that integrating their desktop calendar and email program with a lead generator, and an email provider with a CRM system, is not a simple proposition.

Enter AgencyMaxx, a powerful suite of marketing resources specifically designed to bring all the essential elements of a property casualty cross-marketing program together:

Data Management – The AgencyMaxx team will consolidate data, bring it up to date, categorize and apply it to the AgencyMaxx system.

Communications – The AgencyMaxx team will develop and manage contemporary and dynamic customized email marketing campaigns.

Contact Management – The AgencyMaxx team will help agencies intelligently follow targeted leads, provide real-time data and daily reports, track opens, and other indicators of client interest.

Step by Step Sales Process – Once we build the lead generating program, the AgencyMaxx team provides sales and presentation training to agency personnel, including blueprints to help property casualty agents bridge the gap between property casualty risks and the human asset risks.  This carefully crafted presentation will stimulate a discussion about sensitive issues – with no hard sell tactics or discussion of insurance products.

Appropriate Marketing Tools – Participating property casualty agencies are provided the most current planning tools and collateral materials, including fact finders, selling systems for specific concepts, simple multi carrier underwriting assessment, and electronic submission capability.

Point of Sale – If a participating MarketMaxx agency needs qualified help to close the sale, we will recruit an experienced agent to provide point of sale assistance.  Prior to providing any agency leads, the agent will be thoroughly oriented to the AgencyMaxx presentation systems, commission splits, contracting, and required to execute a non-piracy agreement.

Additional Backup – Of course, our experienced team of life and annuity Sales Vice Presidents, Case Managers, and Marketers stand ready to assist participating AgencyMaxx agencies at all times.