State Suitability

Pre-Application Requirements

Suitability is critical when selling annuities, Long Term Care, and/or Linked Benefit Products.  These requirements may vary from state to state and company to company.

Individual states as well as insurance companies now require specific training BEFORE the sale of these products.

It is the responsibility of the producer to make sure he or she is compliant PRIOR to securing any client applications.

Please do not secure any client applications without being absolutely sure of your compliance at the state and carrier level. There are a few companies that require the producer to be contracted prior to securing an application.

To determine state by state requirements, visit the sites below.

The Insured Retirement Institute

The Insured Retirement Institute provides RegEd, which is the industry’s largest and most comprehensive annuities training platform.  Log in now to experience their real-time reciprocity and requirements tracking engine to meet your training requirements today.


ClearCert provides a state-by-state compilation of suitability in annuity training regulations on behalf of ClearCert’s Carrier Members.  Learn which requirements apply to you. View a list of courses pre-certified for carrier acceptance. Determine the date by which you must take your next course.


It is also necessary to complete an Anti Money Laundering course every 2 years. To do so or check compliance visit, Anti Money Laundering site.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding state, company, product specific training requirements or pre-contracting, please call Andrew Yska prior to securing any applications.

 Applications received in our office that are not compliant will be immediately returned to the producer at the direction of the companies we represent. There can be no exceptions.